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ChatRoulette – is the most popular video chat, that knows almost everyone who loves anonymous chat on webcam. ChatRoulette lets you communicate with anyone from anywhere in the world. The main thing – do not rush, and always turn on your webcam.


The simplicity of this video chat has played a very significant role in its development: the user must press just a single button, and then immediately be picked up by the source in real time. Just the main advantage – it is anonymous. In the first versions of ChatRoulette not need to enter your personal information (email, phone and other information).

In this article, we briefly review the principles of this video chat and get acquainted with its developer, as well as comparable to other online communication services via webcam.

ChatRoulette founder

Andrej Ternowskiy

This anonymous video chat was created Russian schoolboy, and in just a short time became popular in the whole world. ChatRoulette founder – Andrey Ternovskiy. After short timr this chat was visiting hundreds of thousands of people. Founder of the service received an offer of sale of their offspring. But Ternovski decided don't to sell your startup and continue to develop it yourself. During the existence of chatroulette, life of Andrey changed abruptly, he moved to the U.S. from Russia.

Now ChatRoulette very much changed, compared to the first version. There are new opportunities: both positive and negative. Unfortunately, this service has lost its former popularity, but let’s hope that this is only a temporary phenomenon.

The old version of ChatRoulette

Basic (older) versions of ChatRoulette were very simple, as already stated above, had a bright and varied design. Among the elements were two windows that could move freely, a text box for chat and a couple of buttons.

Old ChatRoulette

Currently, functional of this site has acquired a new features, have a forum, where people can make suggestions or voice their opinions.

ChatRoulette possibility

Website Design in the new version of the video chat is made in black and white style, has many options. Appearance resembles the very first version, but with the additional buttons…

New ChatRoulette

On chatroulette.com for you will be available the following elements:

  • Two windows to display video from your webcam and webcam of your stranger;
  • ChatRoulette logo;
  • Stop, Start and Report (Next) buttons, also have the opportunity to use hot keys;
  • Option auto-connect;
  • Auto-start option;
  • Field for correspondence;
  • Band for change the font size;
  • Button for draw;
  • Ability to enable/disable sound, microphone and web cam of stranger;
  • Contact button;
  • Log out button.

But that’s not all the features of ChatRoulette. Consider the features that make this site more attractive than its alternatives.

Profile settings in ChatRoulette

By clicking «Profile and Settings» open window, which has a lot of settings:

Chatroulette Settings

Configuring of Audio and Video. On this tab, you can enable, disable your webcam, microphone, choose the right microphone, set its volume level, update the list of these devices, as well as set the volume of the microphone the person with whom you are talking. In addition to all this, there is even a choice of codec for sound and adjust its quality.

Personal information in ChatRoulette. On the «Info» you can write such data about yourself:

  • Name;
  • Age;
  • Your location;
  • Gender;
  • Languages that you can speak;

Information about your tastes. On the tab «Tastes» you could specify tastes about music, vidmovies and games.

Search settings. On the tab «Next» there is a very useful settings that will help you more accurately in order to find exactly the interlocutor, which you want to meet . Here you can specify that you want to search only for someone who will communicate without waiting time (the button ” Next ” will be available immediately after the connection to the other person ), or vice versa. There is also an opportunity to ask «Waiting time» – this time ( 1 is 100 seconds) during which you can not switch to a new companion. Pretty useful thing in some situations. There are also less important settings :

  1. Confirm disconnection from the user while in conversation;
  2. Confirm closing of ChatRoulette while in conversation;
  3. Auto retry search if no partner was found.

On the «Search» tab there you can set filters the selection of strangers in video chat:

  • With webcams;
  • Without webcams;
  • With and without webcams.

Premium ChatRoulette

On this site there paid features that are integrated into a premium account of ChatRoulette. Paid features include selection of strangers gender (girl, boy, or both) with an accuracy of 98%. Currently the cost is $ 10 for 100 connections, or $ 50 for 500 connections.

If you want to use premium features, you must be registered in ChatRoulette. You can use the tab «Account», where you need to enter your email, user login, create a password. In addition, there is a possibility for uploading photos. After registration you need to confirm your profile via SMS (for free and without subscription).

These are the functions now in this video chat with random stranger. We hope we have helped you to understand the settings and bring you new information. We always welcome your questions and comments and we wish you to meet in ChatRoulette only with positive people!

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